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What you should know about BelSeva :

BelSeva is a family business, pioneer in producing healthy beverages made of birch sap (also called birch water). Birch sap is a 100% natural living water that people in rural Europe have been enjoying for centuries as a natural detox product.

BelSeva beverages are ecologically sustainable and is a natural organic soft drink ideal for sportsmen during workout or post recovery or for people with healthy lifestyle looking for drinks that are natural, low in calories and tasty. 

BelSeva products are local and authentic – they harvest the birch sap themselves in their plantations in France and in Luxembourg.

Gold Mine opportunity for Investors

Globally, many consumers are not aware of the health benefits of birch water. Thereby creating a massive untapped market for birch sap related products.

According to a market research (Zenith Consulting), the market for plant waters like birch water is predicted to double from 2016 and reach $2bn by 2025.

BelSeva is uniquely positioned and investors can get a quick return on investment.

Généralités :

  • BelSeva was founded in 2012;
  • The juice making process is outsourced;
  • Support  (i.e. production, harvest, etc.) is given by BelSeva founder during 2 seasons or more; 
  • BelSeva has put into place established contracts in Luxembourg with the supermarket Cactus and Mondorf domaine thermale and sale points in the main retailers in France and Belgium!

For more information please contact :

Marianne van den Eerenbeemt, by phone +352 621 21 43 64 or email :